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About our Dr. Capydino

Dr. Capydino is the beloved ambassador of SHT Technology GmbH, a leading biotech company specializing in molecular biology reagents and biochemical raw materials. Representing the company’s core values, Dr. Capydino embodies intelligence, diligence, and a lively, approachable spirit.


Dressed in a lab coat emblazoned with our brand “MEDINO biotech,” and equipped with protective goggles and essential research tools, Dr. Capydino symbolizes the scientific rigor and innovative mindset that drive SHT Technology. This charming character illustrates the company’s commitment to advancing biotechnology through meticulous research and development.


Dr. Capydino stands as a testament to SHT Technology’s mission: to combine scientific excellence with a friendly and dynamic approach. This ambassador not only brings a touch of warmth and personality to the brand but also reinforces the company’s dedication to being a trustworthy and forward-thinking player in the biotech industry.


Join Dr. Capydino and SHT Technology on their journey to pioneering breakthroughs and fostering growth in the field of biotechnology.

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