2× Medino® PCR Master Mix for PAGE

Product2× Medino® PCR Master Mix for PAGE
Catalog No.LM201005
Storage conditionsThis product should be stored at -20℃ for 1 years.


Product description

2× Medino® PCR Master Mix for PAGE contains thermally stable ligand-modified Taq DNA Polymerase, fused 3′-5′-corrected active factors and an optimized buffer system, with excellent inhibition tolerance and amplification efficiency. Reagent contains dNTP and Mg2+ required for amplification, and PCR reaction can be performed only by adding primers and templates, avoiding various losses caused by the addition process. Mix also contains tracer dye, which can be subjected to agarose gel electrophoresis and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis directly after PCR reaction. In addition, the protective agent added to the system allows the product to maintain a stable activity after repeated freezing and thawing. It can be used with the high-resolution PAGE prefabricated glue , which is more convenient to operate!


  1. Recommended PCR reaction systems.
ComponentsVolume (μL)Final concentration
ddH2OUp to 50
2× Medino® Robust PCR Master Mix25
Forward Primer 10 μmol/L2
Reverse Primer 10 μmol/L2
  1. Reaction buffer: The buffer contains 2 mM Mg2 + and the optimized dNTPs components.
Recommended usage of the different templates:
Template typesRange sage range (50 μL reaction system)
ggDNA or cDNA (RNA equivalent)1 – 1000 ng
Plasmid or viral DNA10 pg – 100 ng
  1. Reaction program
Cycle stepTemp.TimeCycles
Initial denaturation95℃3 min1
Denaturation95℃15 sec30-35
Annealing60℃15 sec
Extension72℃10 sec/kb
Final extension72℃5 min1


  1. a) For your safety and health, please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves during
  2. b) This product is for research use only!



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