Exosomes Protein Extraction Kit

Artikel Nr: R6306

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Important Product Information

  • The exosome protein extracted by using this product has been denatured, so it is suitable for Western Blot, but not ELISA and enzyme activity
  • The concentration of exosome proteins in the lysates could be measured by using both Bradford and BCA protein concentration assay
  • The exosome protein extraction reagent could lyse exosome by mixing with exosome solution, and the lysate could directly load into the SDS-PAG.
  • Please wear lab clothes, gloves and safety glasses during the

Product Introduction

The product was specifically designed to extracted proteins from various exosomes, which contains unique protein denaturant and lyse exosome effectively. Therefore, the exosome protein concentration is high, and very suitable for western blot experiment.

Transportation and Storage

This product is transported and stored at room temperature, and valid for 3 years.  



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