Lactic acid 80% food grade

Chemical name:  (S)-2-hydroxy- propanoic acid

EU food additive number:  E270

CAS:  79-33-4

General CAS number:  50-21-5

Catalog No.:  MBCE013

MW:  90.08

Sensory:  The lactic acid, produced by fermentation, is yellowish,syrupy and hygroscopic liquid with slightly acid odor.



Product name: Lactic acid 80% food grade                                                             EU food additive number: E270

Chemical name: (S)-2-hydroxy- propanoic acid                                                      MW: 90.08

CAS: 79-33-4; 50-21-5 (general CAS number)                                                         Batch No.: 20231019

Catalog No.: MBCE013                                                                                             Mfg. Date: Oct. 19, 2023

Quantity: 45.6MT                                                                                                      Expiry date: Oct. 18, 2026

Tests                                                         Specification                                        Results


Sensory                                               The lactic acid, produced by fermentation, is yellowish, syrupy and hygroscopic liquid with slightly acid odor.

Sterochemical purity (L-isomer)          Min 97%                                                   97.1%

Content                                               Min 80%                                                   80.2%

Color, fresh                                         50- 150 APHA                                           70 APHA

Density                                                1.18- 1.20                                                 1.19 g/cm3

Sulfate                                                 Max 50ppm                                              < 50 ppm

Chloride                                              Max 10ppm                                              < 10 ppm

Sulfate ash                                          Max 0.1%                                                  < 0.1%

Iron                                                     Max 10ppm                                              < 10 ppm

Total heavy metals                              Max 10ppm                                              < 10 ppm

Lead                                                    Max 3ppm                                                < 3 ppm

Arsenic                                                Max 2ppm                                                < 2 ppm

Mercury                                              Max 1ppm                                                < 1 ppm

Cyanide                                              Max 5ppm                                                < 5 ppm

Cadmium                                            Max 1ppm                                                < 1 ppm


Limit of citric, oxalic, phosphoric and tartaric acid

Passes FCC test                                  Passed FCC test

Reducing sugars                                Passes FCC test                                        Passed FCC test

1ppm = 1mg/kg = 0.0001%

This is to certify the product has been inspected and found to comply with the A/M specs and GMO free.



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