Lyophilized Bst Plus DNA Polymerase (60 U/ML, Glycerol-Free)

Lyophilized Bst Plus DNA Polymerase (60 U/ML, Glycerol-Free)

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Catalog No: MPRA011

Store at -25~-15℃, valid for 1 year. Please avoid light.

Product description

Bst Plus DNA Polymerase is derived from Bacillus stearothermophilus DNA Polymerase I. The 5´-3´exonuclease activity was removed by genetic engineering method, but the 5´-3´DNA Polymerase activity and strong chain replacement activity were retained. Compared with wild-type Bst DNA Polymerase, the polymerase showed great improvement in amplification speed, yield, salt tolerance and thermal stability, and increased dUTP tolerance. It was very suitable for isothermal amplification reactions such as LAMP reaction. This product freeze-dried glycerin-free Bst Plus DNA Polymerase to solve the Problem of glycerinase-free instability and could be used to make freeze-dried products.


  • High amplification efficiency
  • High dUTP tolerance
  • The freeze-dried product form


Isothermal DNA amplification


The product should be stored at -25℃ ~ -15℃ for 1 years. Please avoid light.


 Lyophilized Bst Plus DNA Polymerase


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