Medino®  Mouse Tissue Lysis Component

Product nameMedino®  Mouse Tissue Lysis Component
Cat. No.LM201009-3




Storage and shipping

1. Component A: 2-8℃ for storage, valid for 1 year. If used for many times, please freeze them to avoid cross contamination.

2. Component B: -20℃ save to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Valid life for 1 year.

3.The product is shipped with ice packs.


Product description

This kit is equipped with a powerful lysis buffer to quickly lyse samples (ie, tail, ear, toe, muscle, etc.) to release genomic DNA. The lysate can be added to the PCR reaction system without refined purification and easily operation. In addition, this kit requires low sample input, including 5 mg mouse tissue or 1-5 mm mouse-tail. This kit is the cleavage component of the mouse tissue direct PCR kit , and the cleaved product was better amplified together with 2 Mouse Direct PCR Mix or 2 Medino® HotStart PCR Genotyping Master Mix (With Dye)  in the mouse tissue direct PCR kit.


Compont No.NameFormat
ABuffer ML5 × 1 mL1 × 20 mL
BBuffer MT0.6 mL2 × 1.25 mL


Sample for genomic DNA release
  1. a) Cut 5-10 mg of animal tissue or 1-5 mm mouse tail and place it in a 1.5 mL centrifuge tube;
  2. b) 90 μL Buffer ML was added to the above centrifuge tube and gently vortexing allowed the sample to be completely infiltrated with the lysate and briefly centrifuged;
  3. c) 95℃ for 15 min in a thermotemperature incubator;
  4. d) Add 10 μL Buffer MT, mix well, and terminate the lysis;
  5. e) Select steps: centrifugation at 12000 rpm for 2 min;
  6. f) The supernatant was transferred to a new centrifuge tube and stored at 4℃ or-20℃ or direct supernatant for subsequent PCR amplification.
  1. Ttissue should be cut as much as possible so that the lysis reaction can proceed more smoothly.
  2. 95℃ incubation, generally 15 min can meet most PCR requirements. If the amount of DNA required is large or the sample is difficult to crack, the time can be extended to 30 min. The tissue       block does not need to be completely cracked, and the residual part can be removed in the             subsequent centrifugation step.



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