microRNA Isolation Kit

Artikel Nr: R6310

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Important Product Information

  • RNA isolated by the kit contains 5s RNA, but almost no 28 s and 18 s
  • The whole experimental process should be carried out on
  • Repeat freezing and thawing for samples may promote RNA degradation, please use fresh samples or samples stored at -80 ℃ to isolate
  • Please use RNase-free appliances and consumables, such as microcentrifuge tubes, tips and
  • Please wear lab clothes, gloves and safety glasses during the

Product Introduction

This product was specifically designed to isolate small RNA (5 s RNA, especially microRNA) from cultured cells and animal tissues based on the unique Lysis Buffer and RNA Purification Column. As 28 s and 18 s RNA have almost been removed from the RNA purified by this kit, the isolated small RNA is more suitable for microRNA level and function determination, especially microRNA sequencing.

Transportation and Storage

This product is transported and stored at room temperature, and valid for 2 years.



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