Mitochondria Isolation Kit

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Important Product Information

  • The whole experimental process should be carried out on
  • The membrane potential should by measured by using the freshly isolated mitochondria, but not frozen mitochondria, because cryopreservation could disrupt the integrity of
  • To avoid the contamination of lysosomes and peroxisomes, the cytoplasm solution could be purified by centrifugation at 12000 g for 15
  • The concentration of proteins in cytoplasm solution should be measured by using Bradford protein concentration assay method, but not BCA protein concentration assay
  • To inhibit protein degradation during the procession of mitochondria isolation, the protease inhibitors (such as Cocktail) could be added in reagent A and
  • Please wear lab clothes, gloves and safety glasses during theProduct Introduction

The Omiget™ Mitochondria Isolation Kit for cultured cells enables isolation of intact mitochondria from cultured mammalian cells. The isolated mitochondria can be used for various subsequent experiments, including mitochondria membrane potential measurement, metabolism enzymes activity detection, mitochondria protein level determination, and even mitochondrial DNA purification.

Transportation and Storage

This product is transported at room temperature, stored at 4 ℃ and valid for 12 months.



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