Proteinase K (Powder)

Proteinase K (Powder)

Lyophilizate from Pichia pastoris

Size:       1g

CAS:      39450-01-6

Catalog Number: MPRA001

Lieferzeit:              1 Month

Enzyme activity    ≥30U/mg dry weight



Synonym(e):                 Proteinase K, Pro K

                                       ProteinaseK, From Tritirachium album limber

Molecular Formula:    C29H27N2O12P

Molecular weight:      626.50 g/mol

Storage Temp.:            Store below 4°C

Form:                            lyophilized

Color:                           White

pH range:                   pH 7.5~12


Proteinase K, an extracellular endopeptidase is synthesized by the mold, Tritirachium Album Limber. Proteinase K belongs to a new subfamily of the subtilisins. It is a 277 amino acid protein and is characterized with an unhydrolyzed protein chain and autolyzed polypeptide chains.

Useful for the proteolytic inactivation of nucleases during the isolation of DNA and RNA. Removes endotoxins that bind to cationic proteins such as lysozyme and ribonuclease A. Reported useful for the isolation of hepatic, yeast, and mung bean mitochondria Determination of enzyme localization on membranes Treatment of paraffin embedded tissue sections to expose antigen binding sites for antibody labeling. Digestion of proteins from brain tissue samples for prions in Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE) research.

A stable and highly reactive serine protease; used for protein and nucleic acid isolation.Proteinase K is used in the purification of RNA and DNA from tissues or cell lines. It finds application in protein modification, determination of enzyme localization and inactivation of RNases/DNases during nucleic acid extraction. It is also used in mitochondria isolation and removal of endotoxins bound to cationic proteins like lysozyme and ribonuclease A. Further, it is involved in the treatment of paraffin embedded tissue sections in order to expose antigen binding sites for antibody labeling.

Risk Statements:                      36/37/38-42

Safety Statements:                   23-24-26-36/37-22-45

Hazard Statements: H315, H319, H335

GHS symbols: GHS07, GHS08

R statements: R.36/37/38-42

Hazard Codes: Xn


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